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Welcome to Weekly Wolfy Works!

Once a week I will post a post regarding Wolves, Wolfdogs and Wolfalikes in art. To my help I have my three Wolfalike* type dogs of various wolf content. I will also have guest apparences.

The purpose of this blog is to describe the difference between these three and how use references to improve your art.

This first week I will just have a brief presentation of my main star of this blog, Selune.

Selune is an 8 year old Northern Inuit Dog, and due to her massive patience and good nature she will be the one that I will use for most videos regarding wolfy anatomy.

She is a wolfalike* type dog, with a very minimal wolf content. As this blog progress you will see the difference between her and other individuals with more wolf content. She got an amazing coat and adorable cheekspots in the shape of tiny hearts.

Did you know that many wolves in wildlife parks in the US are in fact high content wolfdogs?


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