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About Me


My style can best be described as a mixture between realism and dreamlike fantasy settings.  I am trying to capture the essence and spirituality of Nordic nature.

The subject in my art is wolves and canines, but occasionally something else pops up on the paper.

My Story

My name is Cecilia “Cicci” Engdahl . I currently live in Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands with my husband and a pack of Northern Inuit Dogs. I originate from the county of Jamtland, Sweden and am a “Jamt” in heart and soul. 

I am a self-taught artist who relies on experimenting, tutorials and a vast library of art books to improve my artistic skills. Even since a young age, my parents have been encouraging me to draw and paint and gifted me with artist pencils and watercolours.  My favourite media is watercolours, but I also love to experiment with my airbrush, acrylics and coloured pencils.

The artist that inspires me the most with their creations is Göran Boström, Staffan Ullström, David Smith,  Therese Vildefall, Christy Grandjean and many more. 

My education lies in Web Programming and design for Web and Print, which is something I use professionally as a front-end developer for a worldwide software company.  However the route there was via my interest in art as I really wanted to become a wolf scientist and has also spent a few years studying Biology before a major change of career.

The love I have of wolves eventually led me to get out first Northern Inuit Dog in 2013 and today I and my husband have a small kennel, Valkyrie Wolfalikes, where we breed these wonderful dogs. If you like to know more, feel free to venture to our kennel page.

Besides wolves, I also have an interest in re-enactment and am a member of the SCA, where my focus lies within the Scandinavian Vendel and Viking age regarding costuming, cooking and general life.

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